Plastic Clamshell Egg Tray Of 6/12/15 Cavities

Name Plastic clamshell egg tray of 6/12/15 cavities
Size  17*28*4 cm, 0.35mm thickness.  various size available
Feature lock by buttons,snap closure
Usage Egg packaging
MOQ  1000pcs
Material  PVC or PET,we will state the difference among all our materials.
Weight  As per your request
Packing  As per your request.
Mould  Aluminum mould
Usage  Food, Egg, Quail eggs, etc. And according to your require.                           
Free samples  Yes
OEM Service  Accept any customer’s design.
Equipment High-speed automatic plastic machines, Printing machines, Heat sealing machines, Blister machines, High frequency machine, Flap machines, Punch, etc.
Surface handling Glossy lamination, Matt lamination, UV coating foil stamping, etc
Mold types Gesso mold, Electro copper mold, Aluminium mold
Colors  Transparent, various colors as you required.
Printing  Offset printing.
Certificates  FDA, QS, SGS
Heat temperature  PP:110-120°C,  PS:85-95°C, PET:60-70°C
Mould Charge  Free
Quality Control vendor appraisal, raw material inspection, production process inspection, and finish product inspection
Sample mold  7-10 days
Function Keeping the quality and taste of food/Better storage for the product(Anti-dust, Anti-static)/Increase additional value to the products(like make products more attractive to consumers)
Delivery Time  10-25 days

Capacity Size



6  chicken eggs

14×19.8×3 cm

0.38/0.4 mm PET/PVC

8  chicken eggs

19×20.5×3 cm

0.38/0.4 mm PET/PVC

9  chicken eggs

14×28.5×3 cm

0.38/0.4 mm PET/PVC

10 chicken eggs

22.7×20×3 cm

0.38/0.4 mm PET/PVC

12 chicken eggs

18.5×28.5×3 cm

0.38/0.4 mm PET/PVC

15 chicken eggs

22.7×28.5×3 cm

0.38/0.4 mm PET/PVC

12 quail eggs

14×22×4 cm

0.35 PET/PVC

18 quail eggs

20×22×4 cm

0.35 PET/PVC

20 quail eggs

17×28×4 cm

0.35 PET/PVC

24 quail eggs

20.2×28×4.5 cm

0.35 PET/PVC

30 quail eggs

20.5×34.5×4.5 cm

0.35 PET/PVC

      The price and content of products are for reference, you could inform us your spec. of the product. A firm offer will be sent to you immediately.
If you want to get more information of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for your attention.
A.About the technology:
1.Egg tray:
vacuum thermoforming and then punching.Very easy and high production.So the price of it is very competitive.
Note:we have quotation sheet for all types of egg trays.Welcome to inquiry!

B.About all the material types we use:
1.PVC:a.Advantages:the cheapest and very commen material.Very easy to be sealed by heat sealing machine and high frequency.
          b.Disadvantage:not environmental and nonflammable.Once flambe,it will produce chloration,what will do bad to the environment.
2.PS: a.Advantage:very easy to be vacuum thermoformed and it is environmental material.Always molded into trays,including flocky trays.Widely used in electron,medical,food,cosmetic,hardware and so on.
        b.Disadvantage:relatively speaking,it is a bit fragile and easy to be torn off.
3.PP:high melting point and can be microwaveable.Widely used in food packaging.
4.PET:PET has two types,one is APET,the other is PETG.Both have high transparency and are environmental material.APET could not be sealed by machine but PETG can.
C.About our service flow:
Quotation will be offered after you inform us the spec. of the packaging,such as the size and material you require.Or kindly send us the real sample for exact price directly.If possible,pls advise the qty as well!
2.Design: If you have no design for the packaging,we offer free design and time is 2-3 days
3.Hand-made samples time: 2-3 days
Note:We usually make samples by hand-made gesso molds.The advantage is short lead time and low cost.But the surface will be a bit rough and not so transparent as by copper molds or other molds.
4.Bulk production lead-time: 8-12 days (QTY at 100,000pcs)
Note:We have to make copper molds or aluminum molds in bulk production.The lead time of copper molds is usually 3-5 days and aluminum molds will be 1-2 days more than copper molds.The cost of copper molds is affordable but aluminum molds cost will be much higher.It always used for high precision products or very large order qty products.Of course the quality produced by aluminum molds will be better than copper molds.The transparency also will be higher.

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